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Fantastic post. I will be coming back to it over the course of the week to fill out my already full slate of newsletters. The notes on google search alerts were eye-opening. Thinking about a post myself on podcasts. Wonder if you have any you listen to?

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Thanks for the shoutout Lance!

Here are a few of my favorite posts from some others you mentioned in the list.

- From Marc Watkins: https://marcwatkins.substack.com/p/chatbots-stink-writers-need-better

- From John Warner: https://biblioracle.substack.com/p/chatgpt-cant-kill-anything-worth

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Thanks for rounding all the info up in one place (and for the shoutout). It's always helpful to see how others are keeping up. Lately I'm trying to do a deeper dive into specific subtopics within AI that interest me even if it means I can't be as informed about some other headlines, tools, features, etc. I've been thinking about starting a weekly or monthly thread in the AI in Ed Google Group where everyone shares just one link with a one-sentence annotation explaining why it's useful.

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