Contribute to the AI+Edu=Simplified

If you have ideas and insights around generative AI and education that you feel this would be a good space to explore them, then consider contributing to the substack. In particular, these would be the ways that I think are most useful to the readership:

Reflections & Considerations: Ways that you are thinking about generative AI in education that provide that mixture of professional experience, personal touch, and unique contribution to the discussion. For instance, see On Not Using Generative AI.

Demonstrations of Uses: A walk-through of how you use generative AI as relates to education. The goal is to provide a pathway for others to use. For instance, see Developing the Research Insights Prompts.

Conversations: A dialogue between you and me (or someone else) that gets edited and cleaned up to be put onto the Substack as text and possibly audio.

Interviews: An interview with someone in these spaces (generative AI, education, educational development, etc) that focuses on exploring generative AI in education.

Research Insights: Using the format for the Research Insights series to explore 3 or more academic articles on generative AI in or related to education. For instance, see Research Insights #4: Student-Focused Studies Part 3.

If you’ve got an idea, then submit the form below and I’ll reach out to you.

Contribute to AI+Edu=Simplified


Unfortunately, this is still a small platform with a handful of paying subscribers. There are over 1300 readers. For people who want to do a one-off submission, I can’t offer you anything more than a platform to a wide intersection of folks in and around higher education as well as my own efforts to share out works from this Substack across my social media platforms.

That said, if someone becomes a regular contributor, I would be open to discussing revenue sharing if someone gets to the point of being a regular contributor.


Most folks know, I am dedicated to open-access and this space follows that philosophy. This means that all works published on the site should published with a Creative Commons license. You are welcome to choose which version of CC fits you best. I might be convinced otherwise, but there would need to be a compelling reason for that. So, feel free to inquire if you have concerns.